Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lightning NOT Pursuing Biron

According to sources, the Lightning are not pursuing a deal with Buffalo to aquire Martin Biron. It looks like at most the Bolts may try to sure up the blue line and leave it at that. Feaster has said he wants another puck moving d-man to compliment Boyle, or a gritty forward. Names still in the mix are Berard, Sopel and even Gelinas in Florida. Most likely all the Bolts would give up are draft picks or prospects. I wouldn't be surprised if the Lightning didn't do anything again this year in the trade department. Most GM's say prices are still to high for the guys that are available. I think the big motivator will be how the Bolts fair against Atlanta tonight. A good showing, and Feaster and Torts may be comfortable to go the distance with the guys they have. A bad game, and Feaster may be working overtime on the phones trying to sure up the team for the playoff run. Only 5 days left until the trade deadline.

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