Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors...

From Eklund at HockeyBuzz:

"An interesting rumor floating around tonight. Word is that the Edmonton Oilers may be preparing a major trade offer for Vinny LeCavalier this coming summer should the Bolts not be able to keep the big three. Word is that the Lightning will be hard-pressed to keep the big three unless they go two rounds in this year's post season. One source told me that the Ryan Smyth negotiations were partly hampered by the team's long-range plan to go after #4.

We shall see..."

Come on Ek, give me a break, I expect more from you...

Uhh attention all Canadians, you need to face the facts, Eh: The Lightning will NOT trade Vinny. Rick Dudley is no longer the GM in Tampa. If anyone goes it will be St. Louis. Age, money etc. Vinny is having an MVP year, and if anything, will put the "C" on his chest next year. Also "Rumored" is Montreal will sell the farm to get Vinny. Let's face it, most of the crappy bottom dwelling teams would sell everything for Vinny. No one's getting him.

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