Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bolts Blog Official 1st Round Picks: East

Here are my East Picks:

#1.Buffalo vs. #8.NY Islanders
If DiPietro plays for the Isles he may steal one. If not look for a first round sweep by the Sabres.
Buffalo in 5

#2.New Jersey vs. #7.Tampa Bay
Ths Devils can't score. The Lightning have too much fire power. Brodeur can't do everything.
Lightning in 6

#3.Atlanta vs. #6.NY Rangers
Lundqvist, Shannahan, Jagr...that should be enough add in Avery and the Rangers are too much for ATL to handle. The Thrash will be bounced in the 1st round in their 1st playoff appearance.
Rangers in 6

#4.Ottawa vs. #5.Pittsburgh
Ottawa is a playoff disappointment every year, and this year is no different. The Pens have too much firepower, youth mixed with veteran leadership and quality goal tending.
Pittsburgh in 5

Take this to Vegas and bet big!!!!

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Patricia said...

Patricia at 2 Man Advantage here. Just wanted to say good luck in the series, hoping for a good one!


Mark said...

Sabres in 4
Rangers in 7
Senators in 6

Chris said...

I have the same thing. The Bolts win it in 6!

The rest of my picks are here at Cathode Rays & Power Plays.

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