Sunday, April 22, 2007

End of the Road: TB2 - NJ 3

Brad Richards' 2 goals weren't enough to overcome all the mistakes, and New Jersey came away withe the game and series win. Too many penalties, too little discipline. Jersey played their game, and the Lightning played right into their hand.

This series was the Bolts season in microcasm. Flashes of brilliance, at times looking like cup contenders. But highs were shortlived as the relatively young and inexperienced Lightning seemed to fall apart. In the end, the Bolts put together a 3 game losing streak at the worst time of the year.

Officiating, near misses, and Brodeur aside, the Lightning just weren't good enough to beat he #2 seed in the East. Good but not great goaltending and sloppy defense ultimately saw to the Bolts demise. The team has some obvious issues to address in the off season, and we'll be following along to see what the Bolts do.

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Patricia said...

Good series all around, good luck with your team next year and don't be a stranger!


Anonymous said...

No gloating - I'm just glad it's over. Good luck in the off-season. Now it's all about the Sens.