Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Conference Finals Set

The East and West Conference Finals are all set, and feature 2 really good matchups. In the East, Buffalo will face off with Ottawa in what should be a very entertaining series. The two teams had a physical regular season series... Chris Neil's blindside hit on Chris Drury, left him wondering what planet he was on after taking 20 stitches across the forehead in a Feb. 22 game. That animosity surely will carry over into their playoff matchup. In eight regular-season meetings, Ottawa won five in regulation time, while Buffalo won two in regulation and one in a shootout. I like Buffalo in this series, in six or seven games.

In the West, Anaheim and Detroit will square off for the right to go to the Stanley Cup Finals. Can you say defense? Anaheim sends out Pronger and Neidermayer versus Detroit's Chelios and Lidstrom. Goaltending anyone? How about JS Giguere versus Dominik Hasek. I think the edge goes to Detroit, contrary to what most "experts" are saying. They have more offensive weapons than Anaheim. Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Holmstrom, Lang...they can just roll line after line. I like Detroit in six.

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