Saturday, May 19, 2007

Holmer Will be Back


TAMPA - Johan Holmqvist could have tested the waters this summer in a thin free agent pool for goaltenders.

But Saturday, Holmqvist said he never entertained the thought of going the free agent route, stating his comfort level with the situation in Tampa. His words rang true after he signed on for at least one more with a deal worth $1 million.

"We all really like it in Tampa and we enjoy the community and everybody in the organization," Holmqvist said from his native Sweden on Saturday. "I wanted to come back and continue working toward a [Stanley] Cup. I didn't really think about going anywhere else because we really like it in Tampa."

"I think I matured a lot this season and my game improved," Holmqvist said. "But I still have a lot to improve on with my game and I have a lot of work ahead of me to improve every day to get ready for next season."

The re-signing of Holmqvist doesn't mean he is No. 1 heading into training camp. It also offers no substantial insight as to the team's plans for Denis, who still has two years left on a deal that averages $2.86 million per season.

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