Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What I want for Christmas (in July)

Like most, when I was a kid, I would got to bed Christmas Eve hoping to wake up to a mountain of kick ass gifts under the tree. Unfortunately, most of the time, the mountain was for not, but occasionally that big gift would be there, that red rider b b gun of gifts. As an adult (cough, cough) I have that feeling once again heading into the offseason with the Bolts. I know there's not a lot of money to spend, but maybe, just maybe that big gift will be under the tree. What would that big gift be? How about a huge elite goalie, how about JS Giguerre. I know I am dreaming, but just imagine how good this team could be with an elite goalie between the pipes. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine, because we already know. You say he's going to be too expensive, won't leave Cali, blah blah. We've seen Feaster is willing to overspend on players (Richie the $7.8 mil man), so offering up $7mil to Giggy should be no big deal to him. I know it is rediculous to even consider having $28-30 mil tied up in 4 players, but does Jay?

As a kid, what I found most enjoyable about Christmas morning wasn't actually the BIG gift, but all the little ones. The small things that had the most thought put into them. You know the small things like resigning Jason Ward to continue to fill in on the Richards line. Like bringing back Artie to complete a 4th line with Roy and Tarnasky. Like locking up youngsters O'Brien and Ranger (RFA's) to solidify the blue line for years to come. And finding that ever so needed vetran defenseman that will undoubtedley be needed to fill the hole left by the loss of Sarich to free agency.

As July approaches, the rumors will fly...Vinny to Montreal, Marty to St. Louis (that's my favorite so far), Ritchie to whoever is stupid enough to take on his salary. More than likely, no big deals will be made, but maybe just maybe, Feater Claus will bring us something totally kick ass this Christmas in July!

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