Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bolts not Dealing

Wiht day one of the draft n the books, the Lightning have been silent. The possibility that the Lightning were looking at San Joses Toskala have gone by the wayside as Toronto dealt for him. The stinkin Panthers traded for Nashville's Vokun. The Bolts, well Feaster is saying that he is looking to head to camp with what he's got, Holmer, Ramo and yes, Denis. Un-F'n-Believeable. They bench the guy for the playoffs, opting for rookies to start, and they are unwilling to eat his salary or work a trade? They would rather carry his dead weight for 2 years than his 900K cap hit for 4. I don't get this guy. He really does think that the big 3 is all he needs.

There are rumors that the Bolts are interested in Anaheim's Bryzgalov, but I'll believe that when I see it. The Lightning have the 75th pick, and they may use it, or package it in a deal. Either way, it looks like we are due for a re-run of the goalie situation of last season.

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