Friday, June 29, 2007

New Salary Cap Number

With free agency starting up Sunday, the NHL released the new cap numbers. The New cap will be at $50.3 Million. That is an increase of $6 million over last season.

The Lightning have already stated that they will have a self imposed cap of last season's max, $44 Million. If the Bolts do stick to that $44 mil number, they will have a lot of wiggle room down the stretch to acquire players as needed to head into the playoffs. What worries me is that they couldn't get through the 1st round at $44, they could barely get into the playoffs at that number. Will it be enough this year?

The Bolts have been very quiet on the rumor front, leaving me not sure which way to lean when it comes to predicting their free agent acquisitions. I have a feeling they will make a run at Bryzgalov, with Belfore as a back up plan. The team has said they would go into camp with what they have, but I doubt that will happen. As for a second line forward and a veteran defenseman, your guess is as good as mine. I think they will secure their net first and foremost, then see where they are financially and proceed to fill the holes that are left.

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