Friday, June 1, 2007

Where's Game 3? Updated

In case you haven't heard, channel 8 is preempting the game Saturday to run the All Children's Telethon. As of yet, there has been NO alternate channel named that will carry this game in the Tampa market. If you want to see this rectified, call NBC Corporate (212) 664-4444, and Channel 8 locally (813) 228-8888, and tell them to get off their behinds, and get this game on down here. To think that in an NHL market, there would be no way to watch game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals is just ridiculous.

Here is WFLA's response to my inquiry:

"Game # 3 won't be telecast on our Station...Saturday, June is
pre-empted by our Annual All Children's Hospital Telethon.

Game # 4 will air on our Station...Monday, June 4th @ 8-11PM.

Game # 5 will air on our Station...Wednesday, June 6th @ 8-11PM.

If Game # 6 is will air on our Station...Saturday, June 9th
@ 8-11PM.

Each year our ALL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL Telethon pre-empts...Saturday
Prime Time, Late Night, and Sunday morning and afternoon programs...we
rejoin NBC @ 7PM on Sunday evening.

Station Management tried to place Saturday's Hockey Game on other local
TV Stations...but, there were no open time periods.

To watch the NHL Stanley Cup Final Game # 3 @ 8-11PM on Saturday, June
2nd...our viewers will need to seek alternative sources... such as:
in-home, hotel, restaurant and sports bars with a Satellite Dish...that
receives another NBC-TV Station (WBBH-TV CH 20 FT. MYERS - WESH-TV CH 2

Paulette Maige Outlaw
WFLA-TV Programming (NBC) Tampa, Florida

-Like I said, this is just ridiculous. Go to a hotel? bar? Basically you are SOL, leave us alone. As for there were no open time periods on other channels..I gues Channel 32 running Masterminds, Cheaters and Jerry Springer is too important to replace with the Cup Finals. The Telethon is a good thing, but some arragement should be made.

Shout out to Bolts Mag, Southeast Shootout, and Sticks of Fire for helping to get the word out.

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Anonymous said...

BrightHouse HD has it on the HD version of WFLA (608). Still, VERY strange and unfortunate for those who don't have this.

Jess said...

I had this same problem in Eastern NC. As a Sens fan I was seriously irate when I found that my game had been bumped in favor of a "hurricane preparedness" show and a fundraiser. Grrrr!