Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Another "minor" acquisition and a few rumours

From TSN:

The Tampa Bay Lightning have acquired defenceman Bryce Lampman from the New York Rangers in exchange for left wing Mitch Fritz.

Lampman, 24, appeared in 60 games with the Hartford Wolfpack of the American Hockey League last season, recording six goals, 19 assists and 62 penalty minutes.

He has appeared in 258 career games with Hartford, recording 19 goals, 76 points and 234 penalty minutes. He has also skated in 10 NHL games with the Rangers, recording no points and two penalty minutes.

Fritz, 26, signed with the Lightning as a free agent in 2004 and appeared in 177 games for the AHL's Springfield Falcons the past three seasons, recording nine goals, 16 points and 535 penalty minutes.

On the rumour front here are the names floating about this 4th of July:
Brian Berard
Robert Esche
Sean Burke (Just Rumours)

Esche I have heard before, and would be a good pickup at most likely a bargain price. He still has some good years in him, and would be able to be a #1 while the youngsters develop.

Berard is another decent veteran defenseman. Hasn't been as good since the eye injury, but the fact that he even came back at all is amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Wait... i'm confused.. i don't think the lightning is interested in getting robert esche, are they? I thought feaster was set with ramo, holmqvist, and denis. i may be wrong, but i don't see that happeneing.

RJ said...

Just reporting rumours. I think Feaster is interested in a #1, and Esche is out there. I think saying he will go to camp with what he has and actually doing so are two different things. Probably trying to not look desperate as he is negotiating with free agents and trying to trade with other GM's. If they know you are negotiating from a position of weakness, they can take you to the cleaners. The cap room is there, so I think it is a viable rumour.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see what you're saying. I really wish we could spend the 50 million other teams are spending. do you see that happening? i hope so. i know we have a great core many teams would kill for.. all we need is a few extra pieces to finish the puzzle, and i agree.. goaltending is one of those pieces. i just thought feaster really meant he wasn't going after a goalie when he said it in the times. The times also stated the lightning most likely will not pursue a goalie. I hope they change their mind or are working on it. could you see bryzgalov from anaheim coming here? i think he's a good price.

RJ said...

The Bolts aren't spending over the $44 million they spent last year. I think Bryz is a strong possibility, we'll have to see. What the papers say and what the Lightning spit out in press releases, are just the usual rhetoric. If you see the rumours and read between the lines, you know they are looking for another goalie. Whether they will get one via free agency or a trade is yet to be seen. Either way, I would be very surprised to see Denis in camp.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I just heard rumors that if we're doing well around the trade deadline this season and we just need another big or small piece that davidson actually would be willing to spend more to help us get deeper in the playoffs. However, i probably don't see that happening. Actually, i think i would be surprised to not see denis in training camp. That's just because i don't think i could see another team willing to give over 3 million for him.

RJ said...

Someone (Anaheim) could take him on as a back-up, a bit pricey, but not out of the question. I think the most likely scenario sees Denis cut, and his salary bought out. It would only hit the cap at $900K instead of his current number of $2.8 million. It stretches out 2 extra years, but if you get a guy like Bryz out of it, who cares. They had that much on the cap from the cutting of Andreychuk the past 2 seasons. I just don't know what we have that Anaheim would want in a trade. Maybe prospects and picks.