Monday, July 23, 2007

Good Enough???

Looks like there will be no more moves before camp. Specifically when it comes to goal. There is no market for Denis, and there is no money to sign free agents. Feaster seems to think that we have a "core" group of netminders that can get it done if they have help.

"In 2004, Nik won the Stanley Cup...not alone, but with a lot of help from his mates. In the end it takes a "team" to win, but you need solid goaltending." Feaster said. " We have an incredible core group of players in Tampa. We need a goalie to be steady, not spectacular. If you eliminate Game 1 this past season against Jersey, when Holmer played like a nervous Rookie, Holmer gave us every chance to win that series. We believe in the core of this team and we believe one (or two) of the goalies will emerge this season to give us a chance to win again. "

Steady, not spectacular? Give us a chance? How about be able to steal a few? I do like Holmer, the kid has huge potential, but a number #1? I'm not sure about that. Time will obviously tell. But to say Kahbby was at the level of Denis and Holmer, and just had a little more help, is being ingenuous. Nik was a legitimate #1 elite goalie when we acquired him. When we got him from Phoenix, he had not won a playoff series, but then again, he was in Phoenix.
If you remember, had Khabby not been spectacular, we would not have won the cup. HE won game 7, period. Steady may get you into the playoffs, hell, horribly inconsistent got us in this past season. But spectacular is needed to win the cup...see Kabby, JS Giguerre, Brodeur, Hasek.

Every goalie has ups and downs in a season, Nik did, Holmer did, unfortunately Denis didn't have any "up's" last year. I expect we'll see him in camp though, and probably backing up Holmer this coming season mainly due to his high salary. It's hard to imagine a $2.8 million goalie playing in the AHL. He'll probably be given a game here and there to try and build his stock up a bit, and then get dealt before the trade deadline to someone needing help in net.

Hold on Bolts fans, this could be another bumpy ride....

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