Monday, July 30, 2007

This Month's Vinny Rumours

It seems that a month can't go by without a new Vinny to Montreal rumour. The summer has slowed down, so why not? It's the easiest rumour/story to write. Hockeybuzz is saying, once again, that Montreal is preparing themselves to "sell the farm" to get Vinny either at the trade deadline or before next summer's draft. Supposedly Vinny is "absolutely willing and would love to be a Hab." If that is the case, why didn't he jump ship a couple of years ago? Perhaps... no pressure, no state income tax, great weather, playing with Richie...need I go on? He's got 2 years left on his deal, and you can expect Feaster to get an extension done around January. If he isn't able to, then this story/rumour may have some legs, but until then it is just a bunch of hot air blowing down from Canada. Besides who do the Habs have that they could offer up for Vinny? Price? A rookie goalie with a lot of potential, but not enough for Vinny. I just don't see it happening. Obtenir une vie vous canadiens français!

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PB said...

I think that particular blogger writes what he wants to write and people actually believe him!

It's a trap to easily fall into, especially with the Richards rumor that was printed by the Ottawa Sun at the draft. I expect newspapers to be better in checking themselves, but blogs fall into an entirely different category. Rest assured that I won't be looking too deeply into Bruce Garrioch's stuff either.

That blogger is delusional and it's too bad that he has such a following. He's written some stuff about Ed Jovanovski going to the Rangers as well.

Reminds me very much of a reporter in the 90s that made stuff up to help him feel so important and others validated him until they woke up and saw what kind of fraud he was.

Marsha said...

Plus Vinny has been sporting a visible tan for far too long to have inclinations to freeze in MTL! More seriously, if he were itching to go, he'd have gone during those tense years with Torts, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

This rumour is crazy. Feaster has repeatedly stated that he is not willing to trade one of the big 3. If he isn't willing to trade Richards, then why on earth would he want to trade vinny? If you look at the Montreal HF Boards, all the fans there even seem to think this is bogus.

RJ said...

Like I said, the summer has slowed down, so thus, Vinny talk. Garrioch is usually full of it, and Eklund is wrong 70+ percent of the time. Now that no deal has been made with one of the big 3 to bring in a goalie, people are going to start speculating. I mean, how could any good Canadian possibly WANT to play in Florida? Uh...

I agree if Vinny was going to jump ship, it would have happened already. The Torts problems, then getting his Cup. His stock was as high as it may ever get, and he stayed.

Only 2 months until the season starts...we'll probably see at least 4 or 5 more Vinny rumours by then!

JPFDeuce said...

Thanks, RJ, for covering this. I think I've grown apathetic listening to Vinny-Richards-St.Louis to Montreal rumors. I might spy them on occasion on Spectors Hockey (where Lyle is as tired of them as I am) but more or less THIS blogger is sick of that stuff.

The fact is, Montreal is desperate for a QMJHL standout/Francophone to be the face of the franchise (nationalism, after all, drove them to Cups over and over again in the past) and Vincent Lecavalier has been the it-francophone for them for a long time now.