Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ice Fest & Misc. News and Notes

I was just browsing the local writers and came across some interesting stuff on Erik Erlendsson's blog. Normally I would have been at the Q & A session, but I was out of town working. Thankfully he was able to grab a few quotes from Feaster regarding the goaltending situation:

The first question was how the team’s goaltender issues were going to be solved by bringing back the goaltender who sat in the press box for the playoff series. Feaster’s initial response - I tried this summer to get Ken Dryden out of retirement but it didn’t work.
Feaster also went on to say that Marc Denis will do one of three things, play his way back to a spot, play his way to the minor leagues or play his way into a trade. He mentioned that Denis, Johan Holmqvist and Karri Ramo will be competing for two spots and that while the issues are not necessarily solved or fixed at this point, Denis and Holmqvist were good enough to win 44 games last year and gave them a chance to win.

Then Tort's as usual had Feaster's back:

Tortorella stuck up for Feaster at one point when a question was asked about Tampa Bay not signing big-name free agents stating that “How many big names do you need to bring in under salary cap.’’ considering Vinny Lecavalier, Brad Richards, St. Louis and Dan Boyle are already on the roster.

I guess Dryden wouldn't budge, so it looks like, unfortunately, what I was saying a while back. The Bolts are going to get Denis some playing time to hopefully raise his stock. That is if he makes the big team. I don't see that not happening since he is not on a 2-way deal and it is very hard to imagine a $2.8 mil goalie playing in Norfolk. Who knows, he could surprise us all and actually play well and earn the #1 spot. I feel much better with Holmer in net, but maybe that's just me. If this plays out like last season, the new ownership will definately be putting the heat on Feaster.

Some dates to keep in mind:

September 13th - Opening of Training Camp
September 19th - Preseason Home Opener vs. Dallas
October 4th - Regular Season Home Opener vs. New Jersey

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