Thursday, August 30, 2007

PSE Still in Control...for Now & Rumours

The Times had a nice write up regarding the current situation surrounding the sale of the Lightning with regard to current control of the franchise. In a nut shell, until the sale is final, which realistically could take until the end of the calendar year, Palace Sports and Entertainment will continue to run the organization the way they always have. The only stipulation that brings the Absolute Hockey group in, is that they must be consulted before any major moves are made. So if anyone was wondering whether or not the self-imposed $44 mil cap was going up, there is your answer.

So this should put to rest the rumours of Kubina and his $5 mil salary coming back to Tampa. Bryzgalov rumours are still out there, possibly a deal involving Prospal. That looks like it is hinging on Selanne returning for another season in Anaheim. I know Prospal is penciled in as a center and Selanne a winger, but both are forwards, and Anaheim will need to replace Selanne and his 94 points with somebody should he leave. Looking at the Bolts roster, Prospal makes sense. Prospal makes roughly the same as Bryzgalov, so cap issues don't exist. Plus Prospal played out there during the Bolts '04 cup run. With the Ducks being up against the cap (currently at $49 mil) Selanne's return and this deal may ultimately be hinging on Niedermayer's decision on retirement, and the $6 mil in cap space that would create. Sooo, keep an eye on the Niedermayer/Selanne situation out on the left coast as it could signal the future of Tampa's goaltending.

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JPFDeuce said...

RJ --

There's one argument on Prospal that can't be escaped in the illogical idea of Vaclav Prospal replacing Teamu Selanne: Vaclav Proposal is no Teamu Selanne, period. Prospal can't skate. He can't stop. He's got bad ankles. He barely scratched up 50 points (I almost won a pool on SunSportsTV's message forum, guessing he'd end the season with 48 points) last season and that was with thanks to having two stellar linemates who each pushed their own point totals into the stratosphere.

Constructive criticism point: where have you heard Kubina rumors? Why not link to that story? Even if it's at Spectors, you can post a link to their trade rumours roundup page. Just bolding out the name seems too ambiguous in the rumor concept and makes it just seem suspect like idle fan speculation.

RJ said...

The Kubina rumors were touched on in the Times Lightning Blog by a few readers and the source of the rumour was Eklund at Hockeybuzz. Which I consider "idle speculation". If there is a rumour quashing on this site without a link, it is sure to be one of his. I don't link to that guy because he is not worth the link. He's the same guy who likes to throw out Vinny to Montreal every couple of months. I haven't brought up the Kubina thing until now because I couldn''t verify it anywhere else, including with Spector, but after the Times article about the franchise control, and reading the Times Blogs, I felt it should be thrown out there and quashed.

As for Prospal, I wouldn't write him off just yet, and I don't think he would be looked at as an even up replacement for Selanne. Granted he hasn't looked good, but he did start to come on a bit in the second half last season. To say he could replace Selanne's 90+ point production is nonsense. He could, however, fill a roster spot with veteran experience and a low cap number about equal to that of Bryzgalov should Selanne not come back. It all comes down to needs and numbers.

Thanks for reading and getting involved Deuce!