Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Some Funny Stuff

I know everyone who reads this Blog also heads over to Southeast Shootout to get their divisional news fix...RIGHT! So a couple of days ago we were waxing poetically over there on the ineptitude of one Eklund of Here's a link to the post: Breaking Down Eklund.

So all throughout the summer, as good ole Ek has thrown crappy rumour after crappy rumour out there regarding the Bolts and their goaltending (Esche, Burke, Cujo, Hasek...). I have continued to say that it would make sense for the Bolts to shoot for Bryzgalov in Anaheim. His cap number makes sense, we have guys that could fill a need they may have, Feaster and Burke have dealt in the past. So low and behold, guess who thinks Bryzgalov might end up in Tampa...yeah good ole Eklund. Check out his post here

The funny thing is, the Lightning is notorious for keeping a lid on player interest and personnel moves. Heck, no one inside the upper management knew about the sale of the team until yesterday morning. So who is his source? As pointed out in the article on Eklund, he tends to get his rumours from places like message board posts and blogs. Really credible guy. Hmmm has Ek been reading this blog? Looks like it. So Bolts Blog gets credit as an E3 source from EK! Thanks big guy! Just think you guys get all this great "inside info" for free right here, while his readers get to pay for it. You guys are so lucky!

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