Monday, August 6, 2007

Straight from the GM's Mouth...

Like we all have been saying, the Vinny to Montreal rumours are a bunch of garbage. So to further debunk this nonsense, here is a quote directly from Feaster:

"Jay Feaster: When I took over as GM of the Lightning I told pretty much everyone who would listen, from Mr. Davidson, our owner, to Ron Campbell, our team President, to Vinny to John Tortorella to our fans and media that my legacy was NOT going to be that I would forever be known as the GM who traded Vincent Lecavalier. I would like to think that my position at the time was nicely rewarded when Vinny helped lead us to the Stanley Cup in 2004. As you may know, Vinny is under contract through the 2008-09 season, and it will certainly be our intent to do everything possible to re-sign him and keep him in Tampa. When I became GM of the Lightning one of my personal goals was to be able to what I could to see to it that Vinny would wear a Lightning sweater for his entire career, and my thinking in that regard has not changed."

There you have it Eklund, Garroich, and all of Canada.

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JPFDeuce said...

suggestion RJ -- link to where you got that quote... I thought Feaster has said this a few times and one can't tell where and when he said it this time (with no linky)

RJ said...

Just click the heading, or click the link I just attached to Feaste's name. BTW it came from