Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Things Are Too Quiet

Since announcement of the sale of the the team, things have been very quiet. Is this the CALM BEFORE THE STORM? Sorry I had to do it. A few rumblings of a big 3 trade that are very un-credible have got me thinking and analyzing. All summer, the one guy out of the 3 that has had the most rumours surrounding him has been Marty. Problem is, he has a no trade, and as of right now, hasn't been asked to wave it. But putting that aside, he would be the most logical guy to move, due to age, length of contract, and the fact that Richards makes too much and Vinny is NOT going anywhere.

So where could Marty fit that would get us what we need, a #1 goalie? Well look no further that Anaheim. I know I have been begging for Bryzgalov, but this makes sense on a couple of fronts. First, Bryzgalov is only set to make about a $1.2 cap hit this season and Burke is looking to deal him, "I don't intend to carry a backup goaltender making what he makes ($1.3625 million) now that our starter makes what he makes," GM Brian Burke said. "If the right deal comes along, I'm going to do it, but what I consider to be the right deal - the bar might be a little bit higher."

If there were a "player for player" swap, the cap space that is saved by moving Marty's $5 mil hit could be used to sign Bryz long term. Second, it looks like Selane will not return to Anaheim, he'll either move on (rumours have Philly as the leader) or retire. Marty would fit right in to his role in Anaheim. So on the surface it makes sense. Whether or not Marty would wave his no trade to facilitate that deal, I don't know. Plus it brings into question what the team does with Denis. A third team may have to get involved such as an LA or Phoenix to move him. But that would be a tough job based on his performance last year. Don't overlook, however, all the talk from Feaster and MacLean about how surprised they were at Denis season, and how they expect him to bounce back strong. Perhaps they are talking him up a bit to cast out some of the doubt about the guy. We'll see in the next few weeks just where the team goes.

Also, look for the new uni's to be unveiled on the 25th at Ice Fest.

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