Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NHL Network US to Launch in October

From: On Frozen Blog

NHL Network in the US
By Gustafsson
We have more to celebrate than just the start of training camp today. According to The Globe and Mail, hockey fans in the United States may soon be able to receive the NHL Network.

“NHL Network will launch in the United States in time for the start of the regular season, sources say. The network, which operates out of Toronto, will air basically the same programming in the United States as it does in Canada.”

No word on which cable or satellite systems will be picking up the network. Also mentioned in the article is the possibility of another Super Series, this time between Canada and the United States.

A tap of the stick on the ice to Paul Kukla for the assist.

Not sure when or if it will be available here in the bay area, but I imagine if it is, it will be part of a sports package tier on Bright House or Verizon. Start making your calls to request your provider carry the NHL Network. It's going to have games, highlight shows, draft specials, and more! What are you waiting for, go make those calls!!!!

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Tampa Gator said...

I get it locally via Brighthouse, but it's a premium channel. I'm not sure how much it costs, but it doesn't really look worth subscribing to.

RJ said...

Yeah, it's part of BH's sports premium package. It's also available on Dish & Direct. Not yet on Verizon, but they have announced the addition of 150 HD channels by the end of 2008, including "a number of sports channels".

I would pay extra for the sports package to get it, but I'm a hockey nut.

Tampa Gator said...

Is NHL network in HD? What else do you get with the sports premium package from BH?

RJ said...

Direct link:

Digital/HD channels

718 - BHN HD Sports 1
719 - BHN HD Sports 2
720 - Discovery HD Theater
725 - TNT HD
729 - Versus / Golf HD
730 - MHD (Music High Definition)
733 - A&E HD

Sports PAK

800 - FOX College Sports Atlantic
801 - FOX College Sports Central
802 - FOX College Sports Pacific
803 - NBA TV
804 - The Tennis Channel
805 - Outdoor Channel
806 - Fuel
807 - College Sports TV
808 - NHL Network

Digital Sports Packages

511 - 516 - ESPN Gameplan / ESPN Full Court
520 - NBA LEAGUE PASS Preview Channel
521 - 531 - NBA League Pass
541 - 550 - NHL Center Ice
571 - 574 - MLS Direct Kick