Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All Hallows Eve Craziness

It's no secret that when a team is in a slump, the coach will try to find ways to jar them out of it. Tortorella's rant in the press after Monday's game dressing down everyone but Holmqvist was certainly an example of that. Had that been all that transpired after that game, I think we would have just chalked it up to Torts being Torts. But now it gets weird.

After reading the local beat writers, I came across this little morsel (Times, Trib). Apparently, after a team meeting where everyone was able to speak their mind, the team dressed at MSG and boarded a bus to head to a practice session at Chelsea Piers. Once the bus arrived at its destination, it continued on past Chelsea Piers and back to MSG. The team disembarked, changed into their street clothes and headed back to their hotel in Jersey. No practice, no explanation. What's that about? Was Tortorella sending some sort of message? Or as one of our readers Eric asked," is he crazy or a genius?" Maybe he took too much of that Xanex they were talking about over at SESO.

Some are speculating that he has lost control of the team. That the boys have tuned him out, and that this is the beginning of the end for Tortorella as head coach in Tampa. That when (if) the new ownership comes in, he is on his way out. I'm not going to read that much into it, that is , until I see what transpires on the ice tonight in Jersey. Then I will be able to decide just whether or not Torts is a mad man or a man with a plan! Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!!

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Eric R said...

Let's hope it worked and the Lightning light up the scoreboard tonight. Happy Halloween everyone!

Finny said...

WOW. Such insanity. I'm morbidly intrigued.