Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boiling Over!!!!

I just got back from Dallas, and while I was gone, a few things have transpired that have my temperature gauge soaring. The big numero uno on the list is the release of Bryzgalov by the Ducks. This has me completely miffed. It is blatently obvious that the Bolts need a quality, steady and dependable #1 in net. Although Holmqvist has shown flashes of greatness, he has also shown that he is very streaky and inconsistent. Bryzgalov has a proven playoff record, and is rated by most to fall into the "elite" range of NHL net minders. So why is he not in Tampa? Why is he playing out in Phoenix? It is obvious that his service could have been obtained from Anaheim for a song and a dance, or in hockey terms, a very low draft pick, so what happened? Who knows. But I'll tell you one thing, if I hear that stupid "can't do any deals while the sale is pending" BS I'm going to go postal. How is adding half of Bryzgalov's $900k of remaining salary a detriment to the team's sale? I'm sorry, I thought the Absolute Hockey group was buying a high quality cup contender. I guess that's what I get for thinking. This goes beyond excuses to what I believe is stubbornness. Feaster brought in his flop of the century in Marc Denis, a player he had a history with from his days in Hershey, and is still hoping to make out on the positive in that deal. Guess what...ain't gonna happen. Nobody, not even your head coach wants they guy. He should have grabbed Bryz, sent Denis down, swallowed his pride, and set this team up for a legitimate cup run. Instead we are going to continue to see what happened last night against Atlanta, a goalie in Holmqvist that at times looks brilliant, and at others down right pathetic. If this season goes the way of last year with another first round exit, Feaster needs to be held accountable. With the Big 3 in the prime of their career, there is only so long a window of opportunity will remain open. Without that #1 in net, that window will be closing sooner rather than later.

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PB said...

Hi RJ -

Burke wanted assets for Bryzgalov and I would bet even money that Feaster wouldn't cough them up either. Before the season began, Don Maloney had multiple conversations with Brian Burke about Bryzgalov, but the price was too high then.

Then, when the season began, there were no takers. Therefore, on the waiver wire, the teams with the lowest record get to claim his services first. Phoenix got lucky, as they were behind two other teams at the time, but it was good for them and already Bryzgalov has made the Coyotes a better hockey team.

Also, Bryzgalov is in his last year of a contract where he will command good money. Phoenix has cap room to spare (and then some) whereas I don't think the Lightning are that fortunate. Even though Boyle is hurt now, do you not re-sign him next season, trade Denis away, and potentially affect the other assets in cap space, because Bryzgalov will earn much much more than the 1.3 million next season?

Holmqvist has been playing well for you; the team has let themselves down defensively to place Holmqvist to take the entire brunt of the blame here. Kuba gave Todd White way too much space and White made the team pay for it. Holmqvist didn't have chance.

Plus, they had that wacky 5-3 power play thanks to a creative call on Brad Richards.

So, I don't think Holmqvist is the issue here...