Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Game Recap: TB 2 - ATL 6: Now What? Open Thread

This is becoming redundant. The Bolts gave up 6 to Atlanta. Holmqvist was pulled after the 1st, Denis fared no better. The defense struggled again, this game they lost Lukowich to injury. Tortorella shuffled lines like it was going out of style, but to no avail. One bright spot was Jason Ward. He had one of the Lightning goals, shorthanded, and seemed to be one of the few players with some jump in his step. The other Lightning goal came on a redirect from Vinny Prospal.

So after this team has dropped 5 of 6, where do you think things are going? What should Feaster do to right the ship? How far should he go? What about Torts, has he worn out his welcome in the Bay? There are a lot of questions surrounding this team, what do you think the answers are?

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Finny said...

It's not Torts. He'll stay put. I can't say the same for your injury-riddled lineup though. Something's gotta change. Bringing up some new blood will help, but not much. A baby netminder can't heal all wounds... You've got big probs when your #1 goalie gets yanked -- what is it, 3 of 4 times?... *sigh* Denis look good against MTL. Maybe that'll work out. Otherwise, I'd be waiting for news of a deal to come sometime soon (post-Xmas freeze, naturally).

Injuries are hurting the bolts a lot - a thinning blueline and little (if any) secondary scoring... (sigh). TB is exciting to watch, but frustrating to be a fan of when they get lit up like this.

Over the last 5 games (4 of which they've dropped), TB's been out scored 11-24. Not good - for either the Defense or the Forwards. I say pretty much no one except Vinny Lecavalier (and maybe Marty St. Louis) are safe at this point.

But those are my impressions... me, some SoCal chick following the Bolts for 2 reasons: (1) exciting hockey and (2) O'Brien is still my heart.

JPFDeuce said...

First question that needs to be answered is where is rock bottom?

Second is where the Lightning can stabilize itself on ice? Getting a mediocre goalie replacement (Hello Dwayne Rolson!) ain't going to improve things as much as making another move, but at what cost?? We're overstocked with defensive prospects in Norfolk and at the same time we lack veterans in Tampa.

Yeah, there needs to be a shake up with this roster -- but be careful what you wish for.

RJ said...

I would consider losing to Toronto tomorrow to be as close to rock bottom as I have seen here in a long time. Should it happen, a move or 3 would need to be made. Of the BIG 4, only Vinny should be off limits.

With Luke hurt, the D is super thin and young. That obviously will strain the situation in net that much more. We need a good veteran defenseman, but who doesn't

About the only goalie out there that may be available is Gerber, but I doubt Ottawa would trade him in the same Conference. Maybe Osgood? Huet/Halac? I've even heard mention of Cujo. It's gotten that bad.

I don't know what the answer is, between the self imposed cap/ownership stuff and Feaster's stubbornness with the Denis situation, I doubt much of anything will happen. Maybe a call up of Ramo, but that's probably about it.

Finny said...

We need a good veteran defenseman, but who doesn't

Don't take this the wrong way, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to say, "Anaheim!"

But, that's cuz... you know. I'm an Anaheim girl through and through. two weeks ago, I wouldn't have been saying that. But you know... still.


RJ said...

Let me rephrase...We need a good "affordable" defenseman. I would have loved Schneider, but his $5 mil was too much to handle.

If you were talking about your boy, he's still a newbie, but has a great upside.

Finny said...

LOL. I was talking about SchNiederProngerMania... or whatever you want to call it.

As for my boy... (sigh)... God, I miss him. I always knew he had that upside, but TB's system works better for him than ANA's. Sad story. Made me cry. For days.

The worst part about it? I'm not even kidding.

But seriously, it's nice to have such a potent scoring line like you guys do, but that's pretty much the kid to TB. Shut down the Big 4 and you guys are kind of toast. At least until you get some man-power back on the blueline and maybe some chip-ins from the rest of your fwds.

Well, I'll wait for trade news after the holidays...

RJ said...

You think Teemu would like to come back and play down here? We could sure use him on the Richards line!

Finny said...

lol. no. if teemu comes back, he's already indicated he will only play for anaheim. :)

i think i'd worry about about the D for tb...