Friday, December 7, 2007

Game Recap: TB 2 - Car 1

I would like to think it wouldn't take threats from the GM to get a team going, but after Feaster gave the guys an ultimatum, they have responded.

The win over Carolina was the Bolts 3rd in a row and 3rd since Feaster threatened to shake thing up. This was probably the most complete game I have seen from the guys in a while. The 1st period and a half, the Bolts completely controlled the pace. The defense was solid, leaving Holmer to only see 5 shots in the first period. But when he was called on, the guy stepped up. He made brilliant saves while the team was on the penalty kill, and even had a little help from his helmet as a Cory Stillman shot ricocheted off it and over the net.

The Lightning goals in the game came from guess who...Vinny and Marty, but to say they carried this team in this game would be mistaken. All four lines played very well, Nick Tarnasky had a couple of chances, as did Darche. Roy was throwing his weight around, and O'Brien chipped in with a good fight to start the 2nd period.

I liked what I saw last night, and I hope THIS is the team that shows up every night down the stretch and into the playoffs.

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David W said...
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David W said...

Tampas record at home is almost as good as it is bad when away from home.

The wins at home do not really surprise me.

The 2-10-1 away record is what has to improve.

But they're only 5 points away from where Tampa are and 2nd place in the Eastern conference, it shows that things are pretty close so far, and so the damage can be repaired ;)

RJ said...

True, as inconsistent as the team has been, they are right on the Canes' heels! If they put together their usual post Christmas run, they have a great chance to take the Southeast.

Tampa Gator said...

The Southeast would be great, but we really need to make it out of the first round of the playoffs!

RJ said...

Baby steps gator, baby steps. 1st the division, then the 1st round!