Thursday, December 27, 2007

Game Recap: TB 2 - WSH 3

Vinny had 2 goals, Ramo was solid. That's about all the positive I can take out of the game. The defense needs to stop collapsing back and letting guys skate freely in the zone. The blind passes that get picked off and turned into scoring chances need to stop. The intensity and sense of urgency needs to pick up.

Asked if his players were frustrated about their recent slide, Tortorella said, "I hope they're frustrated. I'm not so sure they are. I don't know what to tell you. There's a lot of things we need to get better at. We're a (terrible) hockey team right now.
"Everybody says 'Don't panic. Don't panic.' There had better be some panic going on within this club to get this turned around, or it's going to spiral to where you have no luck at all."

Tortorella did, however, applaud the performance of Ramo, who had several outstanding stops among his 29 saves.
"Don't talk to me about the net being off or this and that," Tortorella said. "It could have been 8-2."

Game Recap from TSN


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Jenna [loves O'B] said...

This is ridiculous. Ramo is doing his best but none of our guys are keeping the opponents star players away from our net. They need to be on top of each player, and stop the opposing teams players from getting down in our zone! And Vinny, Brad, and Marty need to learn how to shoot again, it seems their hesitating to much.

RJ said...

If they stood up at the blue line, and knocked some heads around down low, you wouldn't see the garbage that's been happening. I think it's the coaching. This is the "system" they have been told to play. Stick checks instead of body checks, and collapsing in the zone. It is driving me crazy. I though Sullivan would bring in a different style, but it looks the same as last season. Apparently the defensive coach is being told to use the head coach's system, and he merely makes line change decisions.