Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Game 70 - New York Islanders at Tampa Bay

Now, what was I saying again about Lecavalier and hat tricks about a week ago? Does this mean that he's going to make a push for the Art Ross? Gotta hope so. It'd be nice to see someone salvage something out of this season. And I think it's totally doable.

Wow. Was it really only a week ago I saw these guys play in the Forum in Tampa? My, how time flies when you're middle of insane craziness.

Obviously, this was a great game for Tampa Bay, as shown by the 8-4 score. And when you're winning, particularly by a lot, that's usually a fun time. I was very happy to hear about that. I think it's just what they needed. This team deserves to have a little fun after the last couple of months that they've had.

I think this was a pretty solid game from beginning to end. They had the one thing that they've been lacking for a while now - drive. They played like they really wanted it, and did what it'd take for them to win it - and then some. They've got nothing to lose at this point, so I think they should go for it and have fun.

And why not? Isn't that why we all watch, coach, and/or play the game anyway? Because it's fun? It's a drag to watch an 82-game season, and I love the game, so I'm sure they've just got to burn out at some point themselves. After all, I'm just watching; I'm not eating, living, breathing, and playing the game.

Since I'm now here in Virginia, I'll be catching games strictly over the radio - whether thru my computer or on satellite radio - and catching video highlights later on. So right now I'm trying to decide the best way of going about this. Do I write right after the game, or do I wait a day until I can see things for myself? I'll trying one of each and then figure it out, I guess.

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