Sunday, October 19, 2008

Edmonton censoring bloggers?

Edmonton Oilers get a blogger beat-down after censorship

Is blogging about a sport equal to that of writing a newspaper article? I would guess that it depends entirely upon the writers involved. Or, as my friend Aparna likes to say, it's all relative.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is respect. Not only of the medium of blogging itself, but of the people who contribute. Would the mainstream media personnel accept me as an equal? I have no idea. It would probably depend entirely upon the person. Still, I'd bet that I probably wouldn't be invited into the press box by the team, tho. Not because they have something against bloggers - although, I suppose they could - but because they probably wouldn't think about it.

Would the coaches and/or players themselves accept me as a actual reporter there to ask questions? That's even more of a question mark. I would guess that, ultimately, they would go along with whatever the team's media people decided. Still, I doubt that I would be allowed into the locker room after a game or practice to do interviews.

So is blogging legitimate reporting? If it is, then I think a team has a right to determine which bloggers they allow into the press box. And if those people usually have favorable team blogs, then that's their decision - and it only makes sense for them from a marketing perspective. However, that is a form censorship, whether they like it or not, and they should be prepared to deal with that backlash.

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