Friday, October 17, 2008

Game 4: New York Islanders at Tampa Bay

As I was watching the second period of the Tampa Bay Lightning – New York Islanders game, a thought came to me. And I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone else was thinking the same thing I was. Despite all of the changes over the summer and the beginning of this season, it seemed as if the Lightning just picked up where they left off at the end of last season.

But then Lecavalier scored at the beginning of the third period, and suddenly the entire team just clicked. Everything came together, and everything worked. They came back to tie it, only to lose in overtime, sure, but they still came back to tie it after being down 3-0. For that period, at least, they were an actual team instead of just a bunch of guys that had been thrown together to play a hockey game. Now they just need to do that for an entire game, and at least 70 more.

The first two periods of the game weren’t very good for Tampa Bay. Everyone’s timing seemed off, the players seemed a little unsure of themselves and unsure of their system, and nothing was happening. Except for penalties. There were plenty of penalties for the Lightning all game – 10, in fact, to the Islanders’ 7. I haven’t been paying attention to any other teams, so I do wonder if that’s a league-wide thing or not – more silly penalties being called.

Despite having had 10 penalties called on the Lightning, not a single one was against Malone. Can you even believe it? They were mostly against the defensemen instead.

And finally, they consistently shot all game. Sure, it was still up towards 40 shots again, but at least they gave as much as they got. So that’s promising. They were a little better defensively, which is always a good thing, and good with the face offs. Goaltending was, as usual, very good – despite the goal allowed by Kolzig in overtime. Let’s just hope that that third period wasn’t an aberration and was instead the beginning of a better season.

As a side note, do any of you from the Pacific Northwest smile, smirk, or giggle whenever you hear Freddy Meyer’s name? I do. And then the jingle goes thru my head. Almost every single time the announcers say anything about him. I can’t help it. It’s not his fault, I know, but that’s just the way it goes. I will always associate him with Fred Meyer’s – the store, that is. I’m sure someone’s had to have shared that with him by now, right?

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Evan J said...

"for an entire game, and at least 70 more" too true,

It sounds like hockey season lasts so long but it's over before you know it.

VS. Wild should be a good game.

Wild haven't done so hot in the past against Tampa.

evan j