Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lightning rumor

Tampa Bay owner accused of 'coaching' Bolts by hockey 'insider'

Lecavalier wanting a trade back in February? First I've heard of it. I totally missed that rumor. That's probably for the best, really.

Luckily, Strachan has a dubious reputation. Otherwise, this is pretty darned ugly. Not even I, who hasn't exactly been the biggest supporter of the new Lightning ownership, would think of this. I mean, one of the reasons that Barrie and Koules picked Melrose was because they like him, and presumably trust him.

I wouldn't think that they'd try to undermine him. Accidentally, perhaps, but not intentionally like that. They're like over-enthusiastic big puppies that accidentally break things and knock people down, drooling all over them, when saying hi - but are less predictable. They don't seem to realize that light touch can be better than taking a sledge hammer to something.

Now, I can see them getting into a discussion about hockey in general, and using a white board to illustrate ideas. But that's totally different from dictating coaching policy. It wouldn't be hard to take that the wrong way, I guess. But still.

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