Thursday, October 2, 2008

NHL Preseason Rankings

So after much deliberation, I’ve come up with my preseason rankings. I decided to give it a go – why not, right? Remember, this is just my personal opinion.

So my statistical methodology was simple. I broke up the teams into three categories – forwards, defense, and goaltending. Then I added a numerical value for how good I thought that component of the team was – 3 points for “good,” 2 points for “decent,” and 1 point for “needs some help.”

So teams are ranked by number of total points, with 9 points being the best. For teams with the same amount of points, or ties, I simply listed the teams alphabetically. I did not figure in coaching styles or injuries, merely strength of position, and all three positions are weighted equally.

If you have any questions, or would like it broken down by division, let me know. Number of points are in parentheses.

Eastern Conference
NY Rangers (9)
Carolina (8)
Ottawa (8)
Philadelphia (8)
Pittsburgh (8)
Boston (7)
Tampa Bay (7)
Washington (7)
Buffalo (6)
Florida (6)
Montréal (6)
NY Islanders (6)
New Jersey (6)
Atlanta (5)
Toronto (3)

Western Conference
San Jose (9)
Anaheim (8)
Calgary (8)
Detroit (8)
Vancouver (8)
Dallas (7)
Minnesota (7)
Chicago (6)
Phoenix (6)
St. Louis (6)
Columbus (5)
Edmonton (5)
Nashville (5)
Colorado (4)
Los Angeles (3)

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