Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sloppy Canadian reporting

Sundin edges closer to return after physical

"With forward Jeff Halpern to miss most of, or the entire, season after knee surgery and the possibility of returning rookie Steven Stamkos to junior, the offensively challenged Lightning could use Sundin."


Makes me wonder where this guy is getting his information. Last I'd read, Halpern's expected back sometime in December or possibly as early as late November - and he's been skating for a while now. And I've never read anything even remotely suggesting that Stamkos will be playing anywhere else but in Tampa this season all season.

But I have read that Koules did throw out the offer to Sundin at a charity hockey game they both played in in Toronto back in August - or maybe it was the beginning of September. That part's true enough. And it was to Sundin himself, and not to his agent

If this is the kind of stuff that unsuspecting Canadian hockey fans are reading, then it's no wonder that some people believe that the Tampa Bay Lightning are in the same boat with the Florida Panthers, Atlanta Thrashers, and the Nashville Predators. And that the entire Southeast Division ought to be disbanded. These Canadian reporters don't seem to have a clue as to what's going on in this division, nor do they seem to care.

This is some very, very sloppy work - particularly from a national Canadian newspaper like the Toronto Globe & Mail.

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