Thursday, January 15, 2009

Game 44: Philadelphia at Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Philadelphia Flyers 4-1.

So do you suppose that the switched places with the San Jose Sharks? This game really reminded me of the previous game, but with the roles reversed and Philly filling in for San Jose. This is exactly what everyone this summer expected of this team this season.

The Lightning out shot the Flyers, did fairly well with penalties, converted on one of their four power plays, converted on a penalty shot, and had great goaltending. What's not to like? Well, except for the fact that they didn't do so well on face offs. But nobody's perfect.

Including this game, the Lightning have gone 6-4-1 since Christmas. Not bad for a team that's had as many problems as this one has this season. Four of those wins came on the road, no less. So things are definitely looking up in that respect.

Getting a penalty shot was an added bonus. Although, Lecavalier's stick breaking with a simple slash is a great example of why I think they ought to go all wood like baseball. It worked to Tampa Bay's advantage - this time, anyways. And the shot went in, which is what matters. Still, it must be nice to have the coach take the team's one and only time out just for you to catch your breath.

I didn't really want to single out anybody, tho. I think this was a fantastic team effort all the way around. Everybody did what they were supposed to, and made Philadelphia play their game. Which is why they got the well-deserved win.

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